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About Us

Back in October, 1973, the first edition of Our Town appeared in mailboxes. It was a new community newspaper, but actually followed a long line of community-based papers that included The Orangetown Telegram, the Rockland Leader and the Rockland County Citizen.

We have held to the values and mission we stated on our front page 45 years ago: Publish a locally-owned, independent community newspaper that focuses on local issues. We also pledged that we would remain politically independent, but certainly not neutral.

As we stated then, and as we continue today, our first loyalty lies with the needs of the communities we serve.

So there you have it. Our Town is certainly not the same newspaper it was in 1973, but neither is the community. We have grown and changed as Rockland and northern New Jersey have grown and changed. But our purpose remains true to our original ideal.

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